Why Us

Though we are a small team, we are passionate about what we do. We have been organizing nature camps and expeditions for several years now. We have handcrafted them for a variety of audiences from inquisitive students to those adults that have a curiosity about our natural world.

We started this company out of our love for nature and with a mission of taking students and adults on journeys to make them appreciate the rich biodiversity of our planet Earth and inculcate a sense of conservation.

We feel so many of todays wildlife experiences are out of reach of so many people. So we have researched and scouted multiple biodiveristy hotspots and designed a few expeditions that are exceptional yet affordable. All without comproming on comfort, hygiene and safety.

We are actively working with partners to get the word out on our expeditins. Please visit our Partners page to know who we are working with.

Our team members are all very amicable, approachable and genuine people from different backgrounds, each adding different strengths to the team. Our founder is an experienced executive, having worked many years in various companies in the Silicon Valley, California and Bangalore, India.

Mowgli Expeditions is a sister organization of Bamboo Rustles in Bangalore, India and both organizations work together as one.